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Place no blame, accept responsibility.


Redundant is a (mostly) adult, casual guild established in 2009.

Our goals include being a friendly community of players to fully access and enjoy the many aspects of the WoW game.

We are casual raiders, working our way through the Cataclysm and older content, as we build our relationships with each other and other players. This includes learning how we work as a team, and learning our different personality quirks. We strive to include all guild members in various aspects of the game, as we have many levels of players; both in skill, and in game levels. We have found that many of the relationships we build in game are carried into the real world. We share our hopes, dreams, triumphs and tragedies, as we develop friendships from across the country and world.

We thrive to create an environment that encourages respect and trust. We enjoy WoW, but we know that it is only one very small part of life.


The Rules and Requirements of Redundant can be found in the Guild section in the forums.


We'd love to have you give us a try. Come find us at server Malfurion, Alliance side.

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